Environmental protection
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The engagement of the Saint-Gobain Group for nature is established in our corporate principles. It is based on two pillars: on the one hand, we pay attention to the environmental compatibility of our products and on the other, our processes are checked for their environmental compatibility, regularly further developed and optimized.

"Saint-Gobain's strategic positioning in the habitat and construction markets means we must be irreproachable when it comes to environmental issues and sustainable development."
(Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO)

The portfolio of the Saint-Gobain Group offers innovative products and solutions for the three most important themes of the future: energy, growth and environment. Today, 30% of our operative business is already accounted for by products which help to save energy, to use renewable energies and to protect nature.

With all our products & solutions we strive to achieve these five aims:

  • reducing the ecological damage caused by buildings
  • promoting renewable energies
  • optimizing the water cycle
  • developing efficient and energy-saving vehicles
  • sharpening the general sensibility to environmental themes

We want “Our Processes” to achieve this through:

  • reduction of emissions
  • sustainable use of resources
  • reduction of waste and promotion of recycling

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