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The welfare of the employees is always a focus of attention at Saint-Gobain. Our human resources policy is designed to offer all employees a working environment in which they can succeed both personally and professionally. The competence of our employees is our greatest asset, especially in our service-oriented environment. That is why we continuously invest in trainings for our employees.


Around 170,000 employees in 66 countries and 90 different nationalities are the evidence that we not only talk about diversity, but also put it into practice daily. With zero tolerance of discrimination and a professional and objective selection procedure we do justice to our reputation as the cosmopolitan Saint-Gobain.

Health & Safety

The welfare of the employees is anchored in the Groupís corporate principles. We pay attention to a healthy and safe working environment and the rights of the employees. In addition, the five codes of behaviour specify how one should behave professionally within the Group and humanly and socially in dealings with other colleagues.

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