LDC Ladenburg Development Center
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The Ladenburg Development Center (LDC) was founded at the beginning of 2011 through the merging of Technical Development (TE) of ISOVER and the research area of Rigips.

The main focus of the LDC is on the sector of construction products.In the LDC, 60 employees, made up of engineers, physicists, chemists, technicians and laboratory technicians conduct research for the product groups glass wool and plaster.

The LDC is made up of:
LDC-I (Insulation) and
LDC-G (Gypsum) broken up into the areas of development and application technology.

The most important tasks of the two areas are the development of new products and systems as well as the further development and improvement of existing products, production processes and systems. As soon as a new product has been created, the central tasks are the patenting, standardization, testing and licensing of the new product or the additive.

As a contact point for industry, research institutes and all the renowned technical colleges and universities, the LDC has access to a strong network.

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